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My name is Alexander Schrøder. I'm 18 years old as of April 6, 2004. I live in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

I won't tell you that much about me. If you'd like to know me, read my blog entries. They contain so much about me, they should let you know who I am. I pour my thoughts and activities into it.


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Friday, February 06, 2004
Who knows what I'll become...

I find interest in so many things. I like studying people's behavior. I've for instance done own personal "projects" of mine with people, (of course without them knowing) such as taking note of how often or "aggressive" people use their hands when they explain things, or how comfortable they are with looking into your eyes when talking to you. And when people hold speeches or lecture, I try to notice how they stand, how insecure they look, etc. I've never done any work besides observing though. I don't have any written results or studies of my work. But I'd find it an interesting thing to work with. Social behavior. Or psychology. Or something like that.

I also like history. Depends on what it is about of course, but in general it's interesting to read and hear about what has happened in the past, such as wars, religious conflicts, nationalism, imperialism, our previous scientists, and other men of importance. Or how people lived back then, and how it relates to how we live now.

Furthermore, I'm also into rather theoretical subjects, such as math, physics, and to a certain degree, chemistry. It amuses me how so many things in this world can be explained only by numbers, and how it more or less constantly is correct. The laws of nature, as they are called, are more or less so thoroughly tested that nobody doubts them anymore, and the way the pythagorian theorem always proves that the sum of the areas of two small squares equal the area of one large one for instance. Check out this page for 43 proofs of the theorem, would you be interested.

Let's see, what more would I find interesting... Computers I suppose. It would really be something of a dream being one of the makers of an awesome computer game. Yet I wish this won't be my way of life, because of some things I've discovered about computers. First of all, it's not physically healthy using a computer over a long time span. Already, at the age of 17 I've noticed my body complain about too much sitting on the computer. I've decided to do something about it sometime soon, but I'm waiting for better weather to come, so I can get out. I also have discovered, even though this doesn't count for absolutely everything, that computers aren't that mentally challenging. Sure, there's always a way to improve your software by discovering some new method or algorithm or technology, but I still believe that I can get plenty more out of doing something else. Sure, it's nice if my job needs me to use a computer now and then, but I don't want it to become the main thing of my job.

Oh, if you move your thoughts back to were I began, about studying people... we have very this interesting subject at school, called something like "Knowledge of Society", where we learn how society works, and how politics works (part of society, so...) and similar. We had that today. Our current classes are about roles in society. It's not like I have never had the idea of it before, but your view of it changes when you have someone lecturing in it, and you get to hear other classmates' opinions and thoughts. Oh.. well.. that's a little exaggerated. My class consists of about 20-25 people, and we're about 6-7 people talking a lot, myself included, the rest basically just sit still and shut up, or if they say anything, it's to the student next to them. Anyway, back to the main topic here, we were discussing the different roles of men and women, and we were shown statistics of how women are superior to men in all aspects, and how that will just continue to expand as the women's liberation proceeds. Dark times ahead for us men, my teacher said. I don't know if I agree or don't. I'm just gonna wait and see.

Now it's 25 minutes past 23, and I'm tired, like I've been all day, so I'm gonna go to bed now. I wish you, whoever you might be, a nice day.

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