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My name is Alexander Schrøder. I'm 18 years old as of April 6, 2004. I live in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

I won't tell you that much about me. If you'd like to know me, read my blog entries. They contain so much about me, they should let you know who I am. I pour my thoughts and activities into it.


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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Nice day today

It was what we call Winteractivity Day at school today, which we have once a year during winter, where we get out into Mother Nature and enjoys uh.. well.. winteractivities. I did cross-country skiing, something of which I haven't done since I was quite much younger. Last time I can remember, I must've been either nine or ten years old. I never felt like I was born with skis on my feet, like the legend about Norway goes, I always used to hate skiing. I've always been forced into doing it, something which I did not enjoy. But today was different. Today I chose it. So my attitude towards it today was quite different than what it had been before. For being a freshman (I don't remember anything of cross-country skiing from my childhood, all I remember was that it was no fun, and that I just kept falling all the time) I think I did very well. I had a few falls, and I got more tired than I think I have ever been since a very very long time, but fun it was. My ski poles were something like 20-30 cm too short, I was told. Well, how nice. No wonder my arms are about as heavy as a load of bricks when I was done.

Besides the fun of the day, going on skiis, the rest of the day was rather lame. We get to our destination, and I'm dead thirsty, so I go and buy some drinks at outrageous prices, regular at these places though. I paid 40 NOK for 7 dl of Fanta out there, while in the city I could've gotten minimum 1,5 l for less the price. Another thing, the so-called socializing we were supposed to do was totally silly, and it just ended with me leaving way earlier than I expected I would.

Just like yesterday I'm really really tired. Today I have a reason though. Not only have I been out skiing my muscles dead, I've been doing homework for a great while. So I'll stop now.

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