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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
My life, Part 1

A boy was born. It happened a Sunday morning, on the 6th of April 1986. He was given the name Alexander, which he got from his great-grandfater Carl Alexander. Already as a young child, he was very interested in how things worked, an interest which still lives strong in the guy. He kept opening and closing shelves, closets, etc. Not to get anything inside, just to observe how it worked. His father wanted him to be interested in sports, but that never turned out well. Alex did touch a football (talking about european football, aka. soccer) now and then, but he never found any genuine interest in one, and quickly stopped doing more or less anything related to sports.

The first memory Alex has is from when he was something like 1 or 2 years old. It's a very vague memory, yet he remembers it rather clearly, like a photograph in his head. He was sitting in a very shallow pool with a water toy and a spade just putting water into this toy with the shovel to see a watermill spin around. In his first kindergarten. That's about it.

The next thing he remembers is quitting this kindergarten to start in another. He was 3 years old, soonly becoming 4 by then. (This first kindergarten only allowed kids from ages 0-3)

He has very few memories from this place, except for a few things.He remembers driving once with a service truck to the place, since his dad worked as a mechanic, which made the other kids envious, since it had flashy lights, like a police-car. Oh, the things that makes kids happy. Another thing he remembers is that they had this backyard where there was a small traffic machine, where one could drive around on three-wheel bikes. Two more things from here to go. First of all, he remembers them letting him disassemble two phones which didn't work anymore, something which he greatly appreciated. (Remember from earlier his interest in how things worked?) Last, there was this girl who, when they ate, never finished her slices of bread properly. She only ate the soft part of the bread, never the crust. So when the rest of the people were finished eating, she had to sit left every day, until she completed her meal. Alex has no idea why he remembers this so well, and he actually even remembers even more about it. One day, for some reason, she finished her crust before she ate the rest of the bread. She was so proud about this. And that's where his memory stops in this kindergarten.

He quit quite quickly in this kindergarten, according to his parents because he was being bullied by some other kid, something which he remembers nothing of himself.

He remember the first day he got to this new kindergarten, it was just SO nice, and he really has a lot of nice memories from it, so he simply cannot tell them all to us. At least it was a nice time of his life, a time he has been looking back on whenever life has put him down really bad, he says, and he wanted to go back to the time before he even knew what the word 'worry' meant. He thinks he was here from when he was 4 or 5 until he was 7. After this, he started school, which we will continue when we get to Part 2.

I wrote this in the third person just because I was bored, somewhat trying to make it sound like a news coverage, altough I've succeeded rather badly at this. That's at least a coverage of the first seven years or so of my life, more to come at at later time.

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