Entry: Diet and workout Friday, January 16, 2004

That's what I've started. Ain't that nice? I don't have anything else to write about anyway, and the break here is getting too big. I really should type something down, so why don't I just mention what I've done to myself lately?

I've read a book called The Hacker's Diet, which basically is a diet program written by a computer hacker (not to be confused with cracker) - and if you've ever heard of a company called AutoDesk and their most famous program AutoCAD, he's the founder of the company and wrote large parts of AutoCAD. Just to give him some authority. In his book he says he's been overweight all his life, and when he finally discovered a method that worked, he wrote a book about it, and published it. First in paper form, then online, for free, so anyone can read it. I said it's a diet program, and in a way it is, but then again, the program allows you to eat exactly what you want, it just regulates the amount you eat of it. Say, if you want to eat.. um... a fat, juicy steak, you can't eat much before you have to stop. On the other hand, if you only want to have lettuce, you can have almost as much as you can possibly push into yourself. Anyway, I didn't intend to preach about a diet, if you need be on one, you probably already are, and if you don't you're probably not interested. The point was that I am on a diet.

Why do I diet? I'm not really that big or in a huge need of weight reduction, however, I don't like being out of control with anything. My weight was steadily growing since the beginning of November last year, and on Monday, I figured it was about time to take care of the problem. I weighed in at 80 kg then, (176 lbs) and I intend to drop down to about 72-73 kg. (159 - 161 lbs) If I don't feel comfy there, I'll just drop some more, but that's my goal.

So... to the next topic. Workout. When you diet, your body will use and burn fat to make up for the nutrition you don't give it. Right? Well, almost. Your body will also break down your muscle tissue when you diet - not as much as it will use fat of course, but your muscles are "under attack". A way to avoid this, is to actually use them, work out just a little, so that they actually build up instead. That way, your body can't break it down, or if it does, it does no harm. Furthermore, workout has two other positive effects when it comes to workout. First of all, workout increases your metabolism. Naturally. This'll cause your body to burn even more fat, so your diet will proceed faster. (Yeah, I don't like being on a diet, like most other people.. the faster I can get it over with, the better), and secondly, it reduces the feeling of hunger. So I work out a little too. Isn't that interesting? ;)

I think I've had a lot to write about this week, I just haven't written it down, and thus I haven't been able to remember it enough to actually write about it. I'll try doing that more.


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