Entry: The update continues Monday, February 16, 2004

Yeah, two entries in a day. Actually, I have a lot of catching up to do. Today has been a day that has tired me out. I don't know why, it's not like the day is a lot tougher than other days. In any case, tired I am. Especially in my right shoulder muscles and in my head. You know, that feeling where your head actually feels heavier than it is supposed to be. Unless you have never had a pounding headache.

I got this questionaire from the government today. It said I had been picked out randomly from the national register to participate in a test about drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Kinda funny, I had only ONE answer who was "yes", and that was that "yes, i have had a drink consisting of less than 1/3 desiliter of cider in my life", most others were like "no, I have not ..." I'm a boring person. I'm soon 18, and have not touched drugs nor cigarettes, and I have had so little alcohol in me that I didn't even feel remotely intoxicated. Oh well, I don't complain about that. I have a better statistic than most other people my age can live up to.

I'm not gonna write much more here, after all, I feel really tired, as I said. I'll most likely go and get some hours of rest in my bed. Then I should write something. Although it's not to be done until Friday, there's no reason to be slow about it.

One last thing, we got a test in math back today, which made me feel rather second-rate. Most people would of course be very happy with my score, but damn it, it could've been better. So many unneccesary mistakes. I wish I could take it again. Alas, the world is not always like I want it to be. I'll make sure to do better the next time. Such as on friday, when we have a test in physics, about light waves, the electromagnetic spectrum and thermodynamics.

That'll have to do for now. I would've mentioned an interesting class we had today, but I'm too tired.


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