Entry: Cold? Ill? Moi? Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Über-sneeze! I think I'm getting a cold. Or the flu. Or both. In any case, I'm getting ill. My nose is running, and my throat is getting sore. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, I'm really ill?

Talking of cold.. there's something wrong in general with the people in this country. I mean, we're norwegians, god damnit. We are the people in this world who should be able to withstand cold.. but noo.. the general conception in my class is that the classroom is cold. I sit there in just a t-shirt, while others sit there with their jackets on, shivering. Makes me wonder what they're doing in this country. I demand to be able to have nice temperatures now, before the true winter sets in. Which I can, just having the window open in class. But they won't let me.

I'm a golfer.. today I got myself a pair of golf-shoes. Adidas ones. Very nice. I'll be sure to try them out sometime in the near future. Before the snow comes. It'll be impossible then.

Oh yes, btw... starting today, you might start seeing these in the end of my posts. I think they're cute.. annoying, but cute. And by that, I end this post.

Current Mood: Indifferent
Currently Listening To: A*Teens - Happy New Year (Don't ask me why)


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